Since 2005 Harry has performed at many venues in Cape Town as well as other parts of the country, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Theatre, wine estates, restaurants, hotels, weddings, birthday celebrations, senior citizen homes, schools and hospitals have been his venues.

He has been involved in many fund raising events over the years and has produced many albums.

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A selection of some of his songs are included here as music is such an integral part of Harry’s life. We have categorised them under the various artists whose songs Harry has produced with either Tony Drake or Tim Hoare, two musicians and producers who have played a huge role in Harry’s music career.

Gilbert O’Sullivan

What’s in a Kiss

Can’t Get Enough of You

Engelbert Humperdink

Don’t You Love Me Anymore

Till You and Your Lover are Lovers Again

Dan Seals

One Friend

You Still Move Me

Take You Home

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