This is the most important goal. Get your working product or service offering to market as soon as possible. There will always be time for feedback, more R&D and other improvements later on, but the most important thing an aspiring entrepreneur should be doing is getting their product or service out there amongst paying clients as early as possible.

Always be on the lookout for new markets and different niches that your products or services could be introduced to.

Always look at diversifying and expanding your product line or service offering.

Market ceaselessly. Make as many people aware of your offering as possible. Social media is all the rage at the moment. Embrace it.

And don’t forget about email marketing. It is still one of the most effective ways of reaching and persuading a target market.

Don’t discriminate. Do the work as it comes up. Break big complex tasks down into manageable chunks. Delegate. Plan. Complete tasks, always. Stop making excuses. Just stop it.


Have a clearly defined vision of what you want to do and by when it should be done. Share this with your team and make sure they identify and align with it.

You will simply not make any headway if you are unplanned, disorganised and flying blind.

Be knowledgeable about all aspects of your products or services and what it takes to get them to market. Involve your whole team around these common goals and targets. Brainstorm to determine by when all the different tasks needed for everything to come together smoothly must be done, by whom they should be done, how they should be done and what resources are allocated to the individuals or teams assigned to certain tasks.


Always explore new ways of doing old things, or how to do new things in an old way, or how to do completely new things in radical new ways. Take your pick and your permutation, the principle remains the same, be novel and adventurous but not reckless.


In other words; make sales. Lots of them. Keep selling, keep marketing; pay attention to your brand and its perception in the marketplace. ‘Analytics’, ‘feedback’ and ‘measurement’ are magic words. Make them daily incantations. Focus on PR and social media.

Employee advocacy and internal champions are vital. Your employees are the most loyal advocates of your brand and they have a life-sustaining, vested interest in promoting the company they work for and the products or services it offers to the public. Nurture this. The long-term sustainability of many companies is forged on the back of ultra-loyal champion employees who carry the company flag proudly out there in the world.

Always have a positive bank balance. Sell more than you spend; i.e. more money is flowing into the business than is flowing out of it.

Streamline everything; from your team to business processes.

Focus everything on marketing and selling of more awesome products and services. In this way the company and the awesome people working for it can be around for much longer, providing the products and services it is so loved for.


Eric Edelstein – CEO of DaddysDeals (Your Business – December 2016 / January 2016)