Ensure that you’re doing what you do best, and leave the rest to others…

There comes a time when you have to step back and ask yourself if you are helping or harming your race to success by insisting on doing something that (to be honest) is really not your forte.


It’s challenging as a leader to take a step back and to admit that you aren’t the best person to get something done. Sure you can probably work it out, given enough time. The real question is: should you be doing it? Is there not someone in your organisation who is better equipped to handle this task? Is this the best (and by best we mean most efficient) use of your time?

The ability to recognise that you aren’t the right person to get something done takes self-awareness. You may like to think you can be all things to all people, but at some point, you will have to admit that you aren’t great at everything and there are skilled people who can handle these tasks.

As the leader of your organisation you are probably its most expensive resource. This means that the opportunity cost of you doing what could be done by someone else is enormous. Sure there are things that no one else can do, responsibilities that only you can handle. But there are also no doubt any number of tasks that can be handed over to other people in the organisation. If you have hired correctly and surround yourself with people who are responsible, accountable and just plain marvellous at what they do, you should be able to trust them to get the job done.


Entrepreneurs are notoriously bad at ‘letting go.’ Often they have started their businesses from scratch, doing everything from sales and meetings with top level execs to buying the tea and dishwashing liquid. Too often entrepreneurs end up double checking everything and everyone and lose focus of the big picture. They have the vision, they have the know-how to be out there talking up the business, and they have the people who can do their jobs and keep the business running on a day-to-day basis without them; what they don’t have is the ability to let go.

As a business owner you need the faith in your people to let them do what they do best, so that you can lead efficiently. Know what you are good at; what you should be doing, and know what your employees are good at and what they can handle surround yourself with people who have the skills to do what you don’t do well, and then have the confidence to trust them to do it. Sure they won’t do it your way every time, but is that really such a bad thing? You may even learn something.


Jules Newton – Founder of Avocado Vision (Your Business)