To achieve you need to take action 

Now is the time to create a positive mindset, where you are constantly on the look-out for opportunities. It’s difficult to identify opportunities if you aren’t looking for them, and all but impossible if you do not believe in yourself and your abilities. 

Stop making excuses, take the action you know you need to fulfil your dreams. Become enthusiastic about your potential today and create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve in the future. This vision will serve as the starting point when setting goals and creating an action plan for the year ahead. 


All big ideas start out as ideas or dreams. You too can create wonders with your dreams if you commit to nourishing them by investing in your personal growth and that of your key team members. Big ideas need realistic goals and meaningful action lists, which are acted on daily, to come to fruition. 

The size and scope of your dreams determines what you can achieve. Clarity of purpose alongside consistent, planned and focused action by all team members in the business, will help you to convert this probability into possibility and finally into a new business reality. 


The super achievers and extraordinary businesses I follow don’t possess super powers or unique talents. Instead they share a clear vision of what they want to achieve. This vision is written down and converted into an easy to understand and apply mission, which both the business owners and their teams can act on daily. 

Action idea. Explore your vision and mission for your business. Once you are clear about what you want to create, ensure that everyone in the organisation understands your vision and what they have to do to help deliver it. 


Your vision is a picture of possibility for the future, a direction the organisation is going to travel in. So, there is no value in writing a complication vision statement. It may look really pretty plastered to the wall in reception, but no-one in the organisation will be passionate about something they don’t understand. Vision is something people must be able to easily see and connect with. 

Action idea. Be clear about what you want to create in your business in the future. Then spend time with your team to get their input, and to make sure that they understand and buy-in to this vision. Now all that’s left to do is to convert this into understandable pictures and phrases, which your team can comprehend and most importantly one they feel committed towards using. To make this work in the long term, remind your team about the vision and the commitment they have made to achieving it. 


Work with your team to convert your vision and mission into understandable and achievable goals. These goals must be easy to understand and written down, and each team member must clearly understand their responsibilities when it comes to delivering on these goals. You should take your big picture – the end goal – and break it up into smaller pieces, which individual team members can take action on in order to achieve. 

Each organisational or departmental goal must be broken down into individual projects or smaller bite-size goals, which must then be allocated to individuals. These individuals must commit to a reasonable time frame to complete each project and they must create a set of measurement criterion to ensure daily, weekly and monthly progress. 

Action idea. Each project must be converted into action lists that can be tackled on a daily basis. These action lists are the input documents team members use to drive their daily activities. 


Fulfilling all your business goals requires consistent and persistent effort on the part of every team member. To make the journey more pleasant and sustainable, find ways to create an atmosphere of fun, excitement and real passion around your process. 

Action idea. Making your workplace “fun” is not as easy as walking in one day and telling everyone they must cheer up. It’s a long-term strategy of creating a culture where people feel empowered to deliver their best and are encouraged to enjoy the process. This can only happen in an open, supportive and understanding environment. 


Team members must be allowed to drive their own projects. They must be supported and encouraged to take inspired action daily, which will help the team achieve the desired results. To do this each team member will need a system to help them manage their time, activities and energy productively. 

Action idea. Once each team member has identified the actions they need to take to help achieve your big goal, look to introduce a system that helps them to use their time efficiently. The system should be flexible and suited to the different projects you have on the go. Allow team members to allocate more time to priority tasks and less to those tasks that don’t drive the overall vision. 


You need to check regularly to make sure everything is still gong according to plan. Team members must also be encouraged to monitor their own progress to see if they are delivering the desires results. If each team member monitors their actions daily, the team leaders track their team’s activities weekly and the organisation monitors progress monthly, you should only need to make small corrections from time to time to ensure that everyone stays on track. 

Goals and projects must be time defined and progress must be measurable. Set out how you plan to measure progress from the start. 

Commit to having fun and delivering your best every day. When everyone commits to the business’s success and they all take bold, focused and priorities actions every day, success is inevitable. 


Andrew Horton – Author of The Leadership Toolkit and Host of Empower Half Hour (Your Business)